Safety in the construction industry

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CFMEU members work in highly dangerous industries. Every 6 minutes a worker in the industries that the CFMEU covers is seriously injured or dies - a rate that is 50% higher than the all industry rate.[i] Last year, 17 workers in construction and 10 in mining were killed at work. Fifteen have … [Read more...]

Criminal Activity in the Construction industry

There is no evidence to support the inferences in the media that there is widespread criminal activity in the construction industry. In the past two years, sections of the media have reported on alleged ‘widespread criminal activity’ in the construction industry. These reports are often fuelled … [Read more...]

What is a Royal Commission?

Download as PDF A Royal Commission is an inquiry initiated by the executive arm of a state or federal government, to examine and report on issues of public importance or concern. Governments regularly claim that Royal Commissions are best able to consider these issues because they can be … [Read more...]