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Libs push terror down the agenda

FIFTY SEVEN fulltime police officers have been diverted from combatting terrorism and organised crime to help drive the Liberal Party’s anti-union campaign. AFP Commander Mark Ney underlined the gap … [Read More...]

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Lomax beats cheap shot

  JOHNNY LOMAX will walk free, unstained by attempts to criminalise him and his union work, the ACT Director of Public Prosecutions has decided. Twenty one years, almost to the day, since a rugby … [Read More...]


Union members on a winner, MBA admits

Union fees are the best investment construction workers will ever make, according to MBA figures. Startling Master Builders Association numbers published in the Australian Financial Review suggest … [Read More...]


Oh really – the damage is done

"It is fundamental to the administration of justice that the judge be neutral.  "It is for this reason that the appearance of departure from neutrality is a ground of disqualification … because the … [Read More...]


Ouch – Right’s million dollar baby exposed

RORTING the trade union royal commission tried to kick into touch has been laid bare at the Federal Court in Melbourne. And the numbers are mind-blowing. In August, the court ordered Liberal Party … [Read More...]


Red faces for Kathy’s clowns

KATHY JACKSON nicked at least $1m off health workers the Federal Court has found in another devastating blow to the credibility of Tony Abbott’s royal commission against trade unions. The timing of … [Read More...]