Taxpayers bankroll employer militants


Taxpayers are underwriting attempts to sabotage building industry employment and training standards, Tony Abbott’s trade union royal commission has learned. It heard the federal government’s Fair Work Building Commission (FWBC) Inspectorate was backing a Queensland company seeking to break down … [Read more...]

Trade Union Royal Commission leaks referred to police

The CFMEU has requested the Australian Federal Police investigate apparent leaks about witnesses and evidence from the Trade Union Royal Commission. The Union’s lawyers have written to the AFP asking them to investigate how media outlets and friendly witnesses came to obtain information about the … [Read more...]

Boom, Boom, Boom – they all fall down


Inconvenient facts keep mucking up the trade union royal commission’s anti-CFMEU storyline. Tony Abbott’s royal commission tried to build five anti-CFMEU narratives in four days of explosive hearings in Sydney and Melbourne but the foundations were crumbling within hours. Real-world events, … [Read more...]

We’ll have your home..

brandis abetz

Tony Abbott’s industrial policeman is going after the homes of 33 Western Australian families as his trade union royal commission mulls new US-style union-busting laws. On Wednesday, July 9, the trade union royal commission invited Boral CEO Michael Kane to broadcast his demand for beefed-up … [Read more...]

Statement from John Setka


Statement from John Setka January 29 2014 In the current political climate there are many rumors and false allegations about union officials being reported as fact by various media outlets. As Secretary of the Victorian division of the CFMEU it is not my intention to respond to them on a … [Read more...]

Safety in the construction industry

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 2.08.48 pm

CFMEU members work in highly dangerous industries. Every 6 minutes a worker in the industries that the CFMEU covers is seriously injured or dies - a rate that is 50% higher than the all industry rate.[i] Last year, 17 workers in construction and 10 in mining were killed at work. Fifteen have … [Read more...]

West Homes, Chiavaroli & safety


On Wednesday the 2nd and Thursday the 3rd  July, West Homes developer Mr Peter Chiavaroli made allegations in the media about the CFMEU’s role on the Pentridge Prison redevelopment. The CFMEU responded at the time with a statement detailing safety issues that plagued the site >that statement … [Read more...]

CBUS statement regarding TURC


Statement in response to Royal Commission Hearings Industry Superannuation fund Cbus has urged the Royal Commission into Unions to pursue the issue and extent of non-payment of employee compulsory superannuation entitlements. In evidence provided to the Commission today, employees of Cbus … [Read more...]

Agius SC calls for investigation into leaked information


In his opening statement on behalf of the CFMEU this morning John Agius SC called for the Commission to investigate how the media became aware of certain details pertaining to the proceedings about which the CFMEU itself was not yet aware. His opening statement can be read here: Agiusopening … [Read more...]