Gloves off at the Trade Union Royal Commission


Backers of Tony Abbott’s latest Royal Commission tore off the mask of fair dealing at the first sniff of the CFMEU, last week. Melbourne newspapers exploded Wednesday (2/7) and Thursday (3/7) with five-year-old allegations - some from a leading Liberal Party donor and others arising from the … [Read more...]

CFMEU writes to Royal Commission regarding leaks to media.


 The CFMEU stated in the press yesterday (4/7/14/0 that they would be writing to the Trade Union Royal Commission concerning information being reported in the media as evidence to be heard by the commission next week. Many journalists sought comment from the commission yesterday and by all resports … [Read more...]

CFMEU secretary responds to allegations

VTHC all unions meeting, Melbourne, 30 July 2008

"The Age newspaper today has, as is the fashion these days, been given information that's about to be investigated by the Royal Commission into Trade Union Corruption and Governance. The latest allegations concern in particular the Victorian branch of the CFMEU." This morning Jon Faine spoke to … [Read more...]